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As a self-published author, I know the importance of a great editor and Kristine at Arizona Edit has yet to let me down. Kristine helps control my comma usage and typo problems in addition to doing her own research to double check on things like procedure and history (proofing and copy editing!).

In addition to helping me with my novels, Kristine provided her services for my queries and synopses, helping me to prepare my work for agents.

She has a keen eye and an excellent command of the English language. I especially appreciate the speed at which she gets pages back to me and her frankness on whether or not she thinks something works.

A good editor is needed not only for line editing but for content, helping an author tell the story in the best way possible. I trust Arizona Edit to help polish my rough work into a shining diamond ready for publication. — MB Mulhall, Young Adult Independent Author, author of Near Death and Tears of a Clown


“I’ve hired Kristine at Arizona Edit to edit copy for dog training articles and marketing materials. She consistently offers excellent solutions, catches a lot of mistakes that I may have otherwise missed, and is timely in submitting changes.”  — William R. Nadeau, Dog Trainer/Operations Assistant at Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc.


“I found Arizona Edit through word of mouth.  I wasn’t sure they would do the job I needed since it was business related, but they did. Kristine did the edits on reports, RFPs, schematics, memos, letters to clients, and important emails.  She never disappointed and usually had the edits done within hours.  I’d definitely recommend her.” — Robert Duarte, Owner, Digital Straight Edge


“As a freelance photographer, writer and weekly columnist, I often rely on Kristine with Arizona Edit to help me refine my work. My schedules and deadlines are easier to meet with another pair of eyes taking a look at my writing. My long-term working relationship (8 years & counting) with Kristine offers valuable feedback that not only corrects errors, but often can change my work and put the emphasis on what is important.

Kristine has helped me edit feature stories, personal writings and even text for my websites and social media.

I put a lot of trust in Kristine, her command of the English language and attention to detail is equal to the standard I set for myself. She always has positive comments and improvements for my submissions.

I would have no problem recommending Kristine’s services for anyone that wants their best writing to show. It is not just the extra eyes to catch small errors, her ability to structure thoughts is a valuable service.”  — Mark Magnan, Photographer & Columnist