This all started when I was a 5-year-old and my parents enrolled me in the Weekly Reader program. Soon I began receiving a new book in the mail every week. I was hooked. From that moment on I was a voracious reader. An addict. And I never want to quit!

Here’s a silly, related story: One week I ripped open my Weekly Reader box and pulled out my book. What did I see on the cover? A naked woman! I was six at the time and I knew that naked lady was something I shouldn’t be looking at. So I held the book out to my parents and said, “I don’t think I’m supposed to have this.” My father called Weekly Reader, rather irate, and WR ended up sending me some free books. So seeing that naked woman was one of the best things that could have happened to this young reader!

Since then, I’ve read thousands of books and it made me fall in love with words: the way they’re spelled, their etymology, their uses.  It’s incredibly fascinating to me.  Words are my passion; libraries my church.

From that grew the ability to spot random errors in the books, magazines and cereal boxes I read. It became a game for me. I was actually disappointed when I didn’t find a typo somewhere. Anywhere!

When friends realized how much I loved dissecting anything written, they began asking me to review their book reports and later, their theses.  After that it was resumes and cover letters. They would then refer their friends to me. And those friends referred more friends. So on and so on.

In 2009 the light bulb went on. Why was I doing 20+ years of copy editing for free? It was time to get paid! There began my adventure as a freelance copy editor.  I’ve reviewed novels, a myriad of marketing materials, online articles, web content, and various business documents.  Since then, I’ve amassed a large collection of style guides, research books, dictionaries, and books all about how to construct the best novel possible.

I love the written word in all its forms.  You won’t find a more dedicated editor to work with you.  It will be my pleasure to assist you in making your good manuscript into a GREAT manuscript!

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