Why do you need an Editor?

Because you deserve one! So does that manuscript you've dedicated your time to. I bet you also let parts of your life take a backseat to your need, and it is a need, to create the Great American Novel. This is your baby and you want to send it out into the world completely prepared to be judged by strangers. It's a scary thought. So you want to make sure you've done everything you can to make sure what you've worked so hard on, is ready.

Have you ever had the experience of sending off a resume for a job you really wanted but after it was sent, you look down, and THERE it is! A typo! You cringe and cross your fingers with hope that the HR Manager will not spot it.

Now imagine betting your whole future on a 500-page manuscript that you're about to send off to an agent or publisher that hasn't been edited or proofread.

The fact is, you won't spot your errors. You don't read what is there; you read what you intended to be there. Every writer of any manuscript or document does it, you're definitely not alone!

You want to make the best impression possible for every manuscript or document you create. I want that for you too. That's why I will dedicate myself to giving you the one-on-one attention you deserve; nothing less!

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